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Malin Petterson & Amir Mamaleki
Malin Petterson & Amir Mamaleki

Throughout the build-up to the wedding, we have both been telling people how easy it is to plan a wedding and that we don’t understand why people get so stressed about it.

Hi Helga

We are now back in Singapore. The jetlag is nearly gone, back at work but really wishing we were still in Italy!

With some time to reflect on our wedding day, we are able to provide you with some more in-depth feedback:

Overall, we really had an amazing experience, including of course the actual wedding day. Throughout the build-up to the wedding, we have both been telling people how easy it is to plan a wedding and that we don’t understand why people get so stressed about it. Of course we realize that we have been feeling that way because you have been such a great help to us!

Really (and as cheesy and cliché as it sounds) we don’t know what we would have done without you. The wedding would not have been possible. With us working full time – and on the other side of the world (literally!) – it just would not have worked without you.

The combination of us being slightly vague and perhaps not always so clear on what we wanted – and you understanding what we wanted anyway was really a gift. And it made the end result what it was. 

The wedding day was simply amazing. We just knew we had picked the right spot as most of the compliments we received were regarding the location. I think most of our guests had not seen anything like it. When you force your guests to travel to your wedding, you really want to make it worth it – and the venue (and the view!) ticked that box.

The ceremony was very nice – and thanks for putting some covers for the sun out. I think we would have had many guests passed out if we didn’t have that.

The catering was great and the service was very smooth (and that’s in view of all the games/speeches that we were unaware of). The guests really complimented on the food.

The timings were kept perfectly despite us having many different components to our multi-cultural wedding. The flow went so naturally, which obviously meant that you were working hard behind the scenes.

The bar was really a ‘full American bar’ – and I think some of our guest felt what that meant the day after. Having that was really worth the investment and resulted in a fun party.

So overall – we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, at a better location!

The wedding day (and the planning for it) was beyond expectations and we will surely remember it forever.

Thank you for making it our best experience to date!

I hope we can keep in touch!! xxx
Malin & Amir

22 JUNE 2012 - Villa in Fiesole

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