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Mary Santos & Adriano Vivian
Mary Santos & Adriano Vivian

Dearest Sonia, words cannot express the gratitude Adrian and I have towards you and the team you pulled together for us to make our wedding a truly wonderful experience. Without your help, our dreams for a perfect Venetian wedding would never have come to fruition.
To anyone out there who may stumble upon my words, please understand that it was imperative Adrian and I wed in Venice. Not because it's an amazing city, not because it's one of the most romantic places to be wed in the world... but because Adrian's father was Venetian and he passed away many years ago. It was our way of honoring his Dad's memory and for Adrian to get back some of his Italian heritage.
Coming from Melbourne, Australia... it would have been close to impossible to have done what we were able to achieve without Sonia's guidance and patience. We were so very unaware of the amount of paperwork, both from Italian and Australian bureaucracy, time lines, commitment times (dead lines) and so many other little things which would have been such a torturous head ache for us if it were not for Sonia. The language barrier in itself would frustrate a Saint if they had to speak with City/Church officials who didn't speak a word of English. It really was a blessing to be able to speak with Sonia in English and for her to understand us and put our random thoughts to ideas and make them happen.
From the the start, I sent through several "feeler" emails to random Wedding Planners in Italy. Anyone who did not reply back to me within 5 working days, I disregarded. Sonia replied back promptly and I'd like to add, from my entire experience with her... Sonia’s attention and interest in us never wavered.Sonia was able to handle my neurotic compulsive obsessiveness with ease, and being a person who likes to be in total control of everything around me, I couldn't believe the amount of trust I had in her to (short of a better word) "get it right".
And you know what?.... she did. She truly TRULY did!
Ohh wait! Actually... I lie. There was something Sonia couldn't deliver....The weather!
It rained and rained and rained; but we still laughed, and we still so very much enjoyed the day. When everything else runs perfectly and flows as scheduled, something like torrential rain blends into all the warm and happy stuff that still puts a smile upon our lips. Adrian made me his wife and I got myself the most handsome groom in the world… a bit of rain never hurt anyone!
Thank you Sonia. You were AWESOME.
With the warmest regards and affection,
Adrian and Mary Vivian.


07 OCTOBER 2011 - Venice, Palazzo Cavalli

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